A Year of Blessings and Gratitude

A Year of Blessings and Gratitude 

As I prepare our simple but bountiful Thanksgiving lunch and dinner here at the Hub, I could not help but see the collage of photos on my wall. This picture shows me, Q, our support teams, and our VAs. Looking at it, I can’t help but smile and reflect on the year that was. Yes! It has been a little over a year now since Virtual Squad came about, and there are three words that have been ringing inside of me.

First and foremost is gratitude. I’ve never believed in the term self-made, because every successful person always has people who have helped him or her along the way. And what a long and arduous way it was! First, I lost my job along with my team. Then the pandemic struck. I felt very down, but the support of friends, colleagues, family, and even those whom I’ve never met before in real life just poured in.

They are my people and they rallied around me and Virtual Squad LLC came to be. Even when I was already starting out, I got bashed and even ridiculed. But my people’s faith in me, in my brand, and in themselves never wavered. One year on, we have certainly lived through with our slogan, bigger, bolder, and stronger, for we are that. For this I give you my humble but at the same time proud Thanks.

Second is ablaze. Despite the pandemic, this past year has been nothing but astounding. Given our amazing people, we have produced awesome results and even exceeded expectations both for our clients and our VAs. This in turn has generated more opportunities for both.

Third is the word challenging. Yes, the past twelve months have seen quite a few challenges. They were difficult but certainly not impossible. As a growing company, we face many milestones that need to be surpassed, But, given everyone’s stellar performance, strong work attitude, and commitment to being better than yesterday and today, I know that we will pull ourselves through and come out triumphant. This after all is where everyone has got everybody’s backs. Wait till we see each other again on Thanksgiving 2022!

For now, as we gather around our tables for Thanksgiving and also celebrate Virtual Squad’s first anniversary, I would like to thank you for being with me through both difficult and easy times.❤️

Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Anniversary! God bless you all!

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