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A lot of good things have happened to both Virtual Squad and me and we’re not even two years old, yet! This kind of progress has been phenomenal and I have my team here at Virtual Squad to thank for this. Their persistence and professionalism have translated into more growth opportunities for our ever-growing list … Read more

CEO Kai Karen Santos: Fabulously Breaking Barriers

CEO Kai Karen Santos: Fabulously Breaking Barriers To be acknowledged for breaking barriers in the world of business is awesome, while to be acclaimed for being stylish is fabulous. To be recognized for being both is phenomenal. And Kai Karen Santos was and is both! And being phenomenal gets you places—in this case, a glossy … Read more

Virtual Squad — An Empire That Thrived Amidst the Pandemic

Virtual Squad — An Empire That Thrived Amidst the Pandemic By: Paulo Apolinar Virtual Squad LLC is a consummate virtual company that scouts brilliant minds and molds them into skilled virtual assistants. The institution aims and strives to deliver outstanding service to client partners all around the world.Only a year ago, Virtual Squad LLC started … Read more

Kai Karen Santos: From Public Market to Global Market

Pleased to Meat you All!In Pampanga province, just south of Tarlac, we can find the stately imposing provincial capitol building that Don Macario Arnedo y Sioco has built. Descended from prominent names, her great grandfather whose daughter Elena Arnedo gave birth to Kai’s father, Edwin Arnedo Santos. The son of businesspeople and leaders who held … Read more

A Christmas Message From Kai Karen Santos, 2021

A Christmas Message From Kai Karen Santos, 2021 A few days ago, I set up my Christmas trees here at the Virtual Squad Hub, and I couldn’t help but remember how my late mom and I used to do this together. It was always fun decorating with her. She and I would bring out the … Read more

“No One Has Ever Become Poor By Giving” – Anne Frank

“No One Has Ever Become Poor By Giving” – Anne Frank Helping others isn’t easy and it can even be interpreted the wrong way. But please remember that happiness begins from the time you do something for others. My heart goes out to the victims of the typhoon #OdettePH. I am humbly asking everyone from … Read more

It’s Okay To Make Mistakes

It’s okay to make mistakes Our mistakes make us stronger and we continue to learn from it. By allowing ourselves to make errors, we continue to build an environment favorable to genuine achievements inside our own beings and relationship with others. We discover that most of the things we worry about are just minor things. … Read more

Mama’s Death Anniversary

Mama’s Death Anniversary Today marks yet another year of Mama’s passing. It’s been several tough years since we had learned of her diagnosis, and even more after we lost her. Yes! The pain is still felt, but today, I opt to celebrate her life and the awesome things that she did when she was still … Read more

Virtual Squad Phase 1

virtual squad phase 1 This photo of our first batch of VA’s takes me back to how we started and reminds me of our humble beginnings. One year ago (which feels like a lifetime ago!) I was a one man team when we were just conceptualizing our virtual assistant company. Phase 1. I did everything … Read more