Happy Thanksgiving Day!

We have a lot to be thankful for: a good job where your boss looks after you and where you’re treated as family, recognition on national TV and other media for the hard work that you put in, the gradual end of the pandemic and our road to recovery, the gift of being alive and … Read more

All Saints’ Day 2022

Now that we’ve had fun with our costumes, candy, and chocolates that was Halloween, we now take the time to sit back and remember our departed loved ones. Traditional Filipino observances include offering prayers, masses, candles, and flowers in their honor. Since we’re in the Philippines, family reunions also take place at homes and even … Read more

Happy Halloween 2022

Happy Halloween!!! #VirtualSquadLLC#VirtualSquadPH#VirtualSquad#VirtualAssistant#ColdCaller#Workfromhome#ColdCallHub#FilipinoVA#Mentor#consultant#KaiSantos#QuentinFlores#halloween2022

United Nations Day

As part of a diverse and international team of virtual assistants, we are constantly immersed in different cultures. It always amazes us to no end how different and similar we all are at the same time. This makes the world an awesome place to live in. Celebrating United Nations Day reminds everyone that despite all … Read more

9.11 – Never Forget

Most of us here are Virtual Squad were toddlers when the tragic events of 9/11 took place more than two decades ago. This, however, does not prevent us from reading, watching, and learning about that tragedy. This day brings to mind the heroism, patriotism, and faith of millions of ordinary people who came out and … Read more

Happy Labor Day

As employees, nothing gives us better satisfaction than being properly recognized for the hard work that we key in. Here at Virtual Squad, that’s exactly what CEO Kai Karen Santos does. Others honor workers with fine words, and our CEO does that. What sets her apart,though, is that she matches these with action. Make that … Read more

Happy BDAY Q!

He’s living, breathing, incredible proof that anything is possible. Virtual Squad is everything because of his incredible hustle, his fated partnership with Kai, his love for life, and for pushing everything forward. Happy Happy Birthday and “THANK Q”, Quentin! Bless up bigtime from your Virtual Squad Family! #VirtualSquadLLC#VirtualSquadPH#VirtualSquad#VirtualAssistant#ColdCaller#Workfromhome#ColdCallHub#FilipinoVA#Mentor#consultant#KaiSantos#QuentinFlores

4th of July, 2022

As the world gradually opens up and goes back to the way things were before the pandemic, Virtual Squad LLC joins the whole United States of America in celebrating the 4th of July 2022! Things have been quite tough for many people, with the pandemic and the economic difficulties brought about by the war in … Read more

Happy Father’s Day!

Team lead, Workforce Manager, Virtual Assistant, what do these have in common? They’re all super dads here at Virtual Squad. They work hard, party hard, and when they get home they’re the kids’ best of friends, playmates, cook, laundrymen, and the gentle shoulders that supermoms lean on when they’re tired. That right there is the … Read more

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day People are amazed at how Virtual Squad has grown from concept to corporate success in a span of less than two years. When asked, current and even former team members have one word to explain this amazing achievement: motherliness. Well, yeah, you read that right. Here in this company, we gather together … Read more