CEO Kai Karen Santos: Fabulously Breaking Barriers

Kai Karen Santos

CEO Kai Karen Santos: Fabulously Breaking Barriers

To be acknowledged for breaking barriers in the world of business is awesome, while to be acclaimed for being stylish is fabulous. To be recognized for being both is phenomenal. And Kai Karen Santos was and is both! And being phenomenal gets you places—in this case, a glossy feature on one of the Philippines.

Getting To Know CEO Kai Karen Santos In Village Pipol Magazine

Recently, Village Pipol magazine ran an intimate and get-to-know piece on the woman at the helm of Virtual Squad LLC: CEO and Leader Kai Karen Santos. Most know her as the hardworking, single mom of two, and corporate mother of hundreds of Virtual Assistants and staff. But only a handful know how she started and how her distinguished family tree has played a part not only in her upbringing and eventual but in the lives of countless others, a role that has spanned over several generations.

Naturally, whenever Kai appears, her unique and elegant sense of style follows. For those who haven’t done so yet, check Kai Karen’s magazine feature on Village Pipol’s Website.

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