Happy 4th of July America!

Happy 4th of july america!

Today we celebrate the 244th birthday of a grand lady. A lady who has been holding her torch of hope to the struggling, downtrodden, but unwavering masses from the world over. Thus she continues to draw those who seek her promises of freedom, opportunity, and happiness, for these remain very much relevant even today. What makes our times unique is that we can gain these from America without leaving our countries and even our homes for that matter through the help of enterprise and technology, and Virtual Squad LLC is a proud proof of that.

As always, all that’s needed is hardwork, doing what is right, and and insurmountable faith in God and one’s self. These were same values that the founding fathers practiced when they founded the United States of America two hundred forty four years ago. And with their efforts and countless others who came after them, the original thirteen states became fifty–a superpower the likes of which no one has ever seen before.

Happy Happy Birthday America!!!
Happy 4th of July!!! 

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