Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day

People are amazed at how Virtual Squad has grown from concept to corporate success in a span of less than two years. When asked, current and even former team members have one word to explain this amazing achievement: motherliness.

Well, yeah, you read that right.

Here in this company, we gather together the best and apply a tried and tested approach that CEO and Virtual Squad Leader Kai Karen Santos has been taught by her mom when she was mentored how to run a business during her formative years. It involves guiding, mentoring, loving, and treating your employees fairly, but being strict and compassionate at the same time. Mothers would find this formula familiar since they do the same to their kids.

And this has seen tremendous results, because members of our team have applied this towards their careers. This has translated into excellence towards our clients which in turn has resulted in client satisfaction, loyalty, and growth both for them and our company.

Today we salute our corporate mom, Karen Kai Santos, the committed and reliable moms here at Virtual Squad, all the moms out there who keep the faith, and those moms who have gone on ahead but still keep an eye on us from up in heaven most notably Mama Luz whose earthly guidance and inspiration honed Kai and brought about Virtual Squad into existence.

Happy Mother’s Day from all of us here at Virtual Squad LLC!