“Little Karen”

“Little Karen”

Only 3 days before Virtual Squad’s anniversary- I cannot help but look back and remember my younger version- the “little Karen”. Her young dreams and how far she’s come. How much she has evolved. How strong she has become.

The little Karen was the teacher’s pet. Quiet and reserved. Unassuming and gentle. But she has always dreamed big. She has always wanted to move mountains and make things happen. Over the years, slowly but surely, she has evolved into a strong woman- one who is not afraid to conquer and dominate. She carries big burdens and many people with her. She’s a rock. She is fierce but kind. And she’s proud of what she has accomplished.

The little Karen is now a super mom of two exceptional kids and a mother goose to hundreds of employees…

I wouldn’t have done this without your support. For that, I am forever grateful. Thank you for being part of my journey. Thank you with all of my heart. I’m excited to celebrate our first anniversary with you. See you on November 26, Friday, 8pm MLA, Virtual Party will be broadcast live via Virtual Squad’s Youtube account.


I love you all 🥰

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