Mama’s Death Anniversary

Mama’s Death Anniversary

Today marks yet another year of Mama’s passing. It’s been several tough years since we had learned of her diagnosis, and even more after we lost her. Yes! The pain is still felt, but today, I opt to celebrate her life and the awesome things that she did when she was still physically with us.

Growing up, my sister, brother, and I were all raised to be tough whenever challenges come our way but gentle as doves when dealing with other, more so, the less fortunate. This same kind heartedness she brought with her in her various businesses, which is why as her fortunes grew, so did the admiration and respect people have for her.

Now, as a businessperson in my own right, her values and character live on, not only in the way that I steer my company, but in the everyday acts that I do, big or small.

If there’s one other thought that consoles and even makes me happy these days is that, as I look over the welfare of my clients, employees, and even family, I know that my mom is way up there happy and still pretty much praying for all our well-being. Even in heaven, she still has got our backs.

I miss you so much, and I love you always, Mom. Lahat ng ‘to ay para sa po ‘yo!

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