Meet Kai

Meet Kai

Kai Karen Santos

Co-CEO, Co-founder, Leader of Virtual Squad

Who says you can’t balance family and work and be good at both? Meet Karen Anne Santos. Call her Kai for short. She loves to cook, tends to her plants, and she is a singer and musician by heart. When not at home or with her band, she travels and explores the world around her.

But there’s more to her than meets the eye. Kai is a goal setter and achiever, something that she has been known for in her many years of recruiting, honing, and mentoring Virtual Assistants for her clients. When not into real estate wholesaling, Kai manages her own meat supplying business, a venture which she took over from her late mom, and which she grew into one that now serves several large towns, cities, and provinces in the Philippines.

Most of all, she is the proud mom of two wonderful and smart teens, whom Kai raises to believe in themselves and be the best of who they are—something which she herself has been taught since she was a child.

This is Kai, and if you entrust her with your business solutions, you can be sure to achieve competitive and realistic results. Give her a call today!