Never Forget, Never Again

Never forget, Never again

Close to fifty years ago today, the then leadership of the Philippines surprised everyone by both here and abroad when it moved to hand over power from civil to military hands. It was done at the height of the Cold War, when the capitalist USA competed ideologically and economically with Communist Russia and its satellite states, ostensibly to save democracy. History has since proved otherwise.With all the efforts to rewrite history if not consign parts of it to collective amnesia, we fight on by remembering these momentous occasions in the Philippine’s past, more so as it struggles to nation-build. We are reminded that all the seemingly best plans and intentions may seem godly at first, but a more discerning mindset can fleece out fact from fiction and even downright deception.Lastly, in order to safeguard our precious liberties that our ancestors have fought so hard to achieve, we are reminded to remain vigilant and ready at all times, least in our complacence we are caught off guard.On the occasion of that fateful day, we remember and we fight on.

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