Virtual Squad Having Your Back While Virtual Assistants Giving Back

Virtual Squad Having Your Back While Virtual Assistants Giving Back

The Virtual Assistants Giving Back

Whenever Kai Karen Santos says “we got your back”, she means every word of it. This was tested by fire, err water, and winds when Typhoon Odette wrecked Visayas. To date hundreds have been killed, scores missing, thousands injured not to mention billions of pesos in damages. And all of these took place just a few days before Christmas. 

Not one to sit back and remain idly, Kai immediately contacted squad members in the Visayas. With most of the TELCO infrastructure there down, communications proved to be quite a feat in itself. After several agonizing hours of wait, Elle Saramosing finally responded. 

Kai lost no time in inquiring about Elle’s needs, and whether or not she was in touch with the other VA’s there. From there the leadership, teamwork, and compassion that Virtual Squad is known for geared forward and went to work… virtual assistants giving back to the community.

kai Karen Santos’ Leadership By Example 

Clean and safe potable water is something most people take for granted. After Odette struck, it became more valuable than gold. And understandably so. Hence, this was the first thing that Junette July Yamyamin looked for. 

This was when Kai Santos stepped in and offered help in buying bottled water and shipping it to Cebu. Once the shipment landed in Cebu, July lost no time in coordinating via Facebook Messenger with other VAs on who needed the water. Not contented with that, July herself went about delivering water to those she could physically reach out to. One of the virtual assistants giving back, Kevin Recentes pitched in and distributed water to those who he could go to.

virtual squad virtual assistants giving back

I just wanted to help, I wasn’t looking for any recognition. I was inspired by the leadership and kindness of Kai. So I just did what I had to do.”

July Yamyamin

Virtual Assistants Giving Back: Awesome Work All Around

Virtual Squad members are known for being well-rounded people, and when disaster struck, this came in quite handy.

Aside from water, cash also became scarce, since power and communication lines affected ATMs all over the region. This caused mile-long lines at banks, with customers experiencing delays that stretched from hours into. Unable to get money, Elle took matters into her own hands and even feet. For two days straight she went about town transporting passengers on a motorcycle known locally as habal habal , earning her a total of two thousand eight hundred pesos which she used to purchase some badly needed necessities. 

virtual squad virtual assistants giving back

Sobrang init at pahirapan sa gas(The weather was hot and gas was difficult to get). Pero kinaya ko(But I persevered). For the sake of my family, Elle proudly quips.

Amazingly, even before ATMs and money transfer outlets became fully operational, Kai Santos had already begun giving out cash aid to both VAs and even strangers. This was used by the recipients to purchase food and even repair their homes, some of whom had their roofs blown off and walls caved in. 

Aside from that, Kai offered airfare to those who wanted to temporarily relocate to the Hub in Tarlac City, an offer that several Visayas-based VAs eagerly took. Upon arrival in Luzon, they were immediately provided with solar power banks and even groceries, with the task of procuring the latter falling on the quick and able hands of Allen Gwen Elago.

The Great Result Of The Virtual Assistants Giving Back And Continuous Good Works

Nearly a hundred meters of grocery carts at S&R lined up one after the other. All for those who need them the most. Overall, a total of thirty members of Virtual Squad have received aid. 

The generosity, however, didn’t end there. As of this writing, July, Elle, and others are still busy checking on those who need help and are in regular contact with Kai Santos who in turn monitors the situation in the south closely. 

“Here at Virtual Squad, when we say we got your back, it means we got your back. Always.”

Kai Karen Santos, CEO, and Leader of Virtual Squad

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