Virtual Squad Phase 1

virtual squad phase 1

This photo of our first batch of VA’s takes me back to how we started and reminds me of our humble beginnings.

One year ago (which feels like a lifetime ago!) I was a one man team when we were just conceptualizing our virtual assistant company. Phase 1. I did everything from scouting and screening and interviewing applicants, training, closing clients, onboarding, billing, payroll… name it, I did it! Lol 😂

Virtual Squad already had clients before we even had a name, logo, brand, or structure. I had to scout for talents and mentor them into becoming a Virtual Squad VA while building the structure of the company. At the time, I haven’t fully resigned from my short job stint so I had to do train the VA’s and build the company, while I was working my full time job. I was sleepless for months! Absolute zombie! It definitely wasn’t easy. But seeing where we are now and all the people we have helped… all the hard work paid off and everything is worth it!

Thank you to these VA’s who trusted me despite being a startup. I will forever be grateful to you!

From 1 batch to 43 batches in one year. Amazing!

Celebrate with us on November 26, Friday, 8 PM MLA for our anniversary virtual party! We will be giving away prizes to active random viewers.
Stay tuned on our Facebook page for the live broadcast.


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