When Virtual Goes Unvirtual

when virtual goes unvirtual

Here at Virtual Squad LLC, everyone is a winner. Whether it’s a client or a VA, the numbers speak for themselves. And this is all because of our amazing team. Funny thing is that for all the times that the squad had been together, most have yet met in person. So I decided to bring everyone who is available together here in Tarlac City the epicenter of Virtual Squad LLC.

All the preparations came to a head last Saturday, when people from as far south as Cavite came by car. They say that pros work hard and party even harder, well, here at Virtual Squad, we did just that. Not just for one day, but for the whole weekend!

Food and drinks flowed almost endlessly, not to mention videoke songs, and photo ops. Of course, everyone took the opportunity to strengthen the already robust camaraderie that has long been the heart and soul of this company. After all this is what this company is all about: family and friends.

Truth be told, I can’t remember the last time when I had this much fun. Can’t wait for the next virtual err actual gathering of the Squad!

Till next time!

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